Meghan PughCorps de Ballet

Meghan Pugh, Corps de BalletBorn: Ottawa, Ontario
Trained: Canada’s National Ballet School

Could you tell us 3 random things we don’t know about you?
During the summer I am an avid fisherperson, there is nothing more peaceful than a day spent fishing.
I am a crazy dog lady, I need to stop and pet every dog I meet on the street.
I love using my label maker, my kitchen pantry is filled with labeled jars.

Which movie could you watch on repeat?
This isn’t a movie but I could watch the T.V. series Friends on repeat. I own all 10 seasons of Friends and I never get bored watching it.Meghan Pugh, Corps de Ballet

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment performance-wise?
Last time we performed the ballet Nijinksy I had a very fast quick which involved taking off pointe shoes, tights, dress, and headpiece. During the dress rehearsal I practiced the quick change for the first time. Needless to say I didn’t change fast enough before the entrance music started and I had to go onstage half dressed.

What is your philosophy towards your work?
Like most dancers I believe you must give your best effort everyday. Everyone faces obstacles during their career and it’s important to focus on the things you can control and persevere to overcome any challenges. Meghan Pugh, Corps de BalletMilk chocolate or dark?
I will eat pretty much any kind of chocolate but if I had to choose it would be milk chocolate.

What’s the biggest misconception about you and why?
The biggest misconception people have about me is they think I’m shy. Once I get comfortable around people I’m really not shy at all.Meghan Pugh, Corps de Ballet

What’s your guilty pleasure song that’ll make you rock out no matter where you are?
I really don’t think there is shame in liking a song. I love the song Rule the World by Walk off the Earth. Whenever I play this song it reminds me of my summer vacation in Thailand.

What cheers you up on an off day?
Coming home and being surrounded by my friends/roommates. They always know how to cheer me up.Meghan Pugh, Corps de BalletAre there any costumes that you’ve either danced in or seen that strike you as amazing or memorable?
I wouldn’t say this would be the most amazing costume but I wore a pretty memorable costume for the ballet Manon. I was dancing the role of the little boy harlot and wore tight pink trousers, a fluffy pink blouse, a white wig and a pink sailor hat.

Dream role?
My dream role is Juliet. Meghan Pugh, Corps de Ballet
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