Giorgio Galli

IMG_4865-sBorn: Carate Brianza, Italy
Trained: Teatro alla Scala Ballet School in Italy and The Royal Ballet School in England

If someone handed you $1,000,000 tomorrow, you would…
Good question – I’d put an offer on a Toronto home. Would a million be enough!?

If you could live in any other time period, which would you choose?
I think I would quite enjoy living in the 1920’s. Think of the fashion of that time period. Simply fabulous!

Could you tell us 3 random things we don’t know about you?
I was a good skier when I was younger. I am decent at playing with Poi, also called Kiwido or Bolas, which consists in swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. I detest mice and rats.  IMG_7722Which movie could you watch on repeat?

What would you have done as a career if ballet hadn’t come your way?
I probably would have worked in fashion.

What’s the last thing that brought tears to your eyes?
My beloved grandmother mails me letters from Italy. Just seeing her handwriting gets me teary.

When you have a day off, what’s your favourite way to spend it?
Weather permitting, the ideal day off would be to jump on my bicycle and be out and about in the city all day! Lunch with friends, a stop at Trinity Bellwoods Park, perhaps some shopping, early evening rooftop patio aperitivo and a tasty home cooked meal. Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletWhere in the world would you like to see yourself living some day?

Was there a pivotal moment that sold you on being a ballet dancer over doing anything else?
I would say it was more of a gradual decision but being accepted into La Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan definitely made me feel I had a good shot at it.

What is your philosophy towards your work?
Work is my passion and I am grateful that I get to do what I love. I strive to live every day as a new day. Consistency is key. Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletHow do you handle criticism?
It is not always easy to digest but if someone actually takes the time to criticise, I like to think they do it to push me towards a better version of myself.

Milk chocolate or dark?
Preferably dark but realistically any kind will do.

Favorite colour and least favorite colour?
My favourite colour is navy although these days a good forest green is a close competitor. Least favourite may be a mustard yellow.

What’s your definition of a successful ballet dancer?
One who can value each and every opportunity.Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletWhat’s the worst thing about being a dancer and what’s the best?
Injuries, pain and aches are the worst but it all pays off when you’re performing onstage, which is the best thing about being a ballet dancer.

Do you ever feel as magical as you look when you dance, or is it mainly just hard work and focus up there?
That depends. Realistically in a dancer’s career some roles will be more enjoyable than others. Some will require more concentration and work but when the perfect role comes, it feels magical. Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletIf you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
Access to lots of potable water because I crave it about every 20 minutes, I would want a person there with me because solitude may be the worst thing a human being has to experience and I would definitely want to have a boat with me to get off that stranded island!

What’s your guilty pleasure song that’ll make you rock out no matter where you are?
Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love.

What was the last thing you changed your mind about?
Wearing black.

Thoughts on dating: inside the dance world, or out?
The very wise and gorgeous Tanya Howard once told me, quote: “Don’t make your honey where you make your money.” I haven’t yet been able to prove her wrong! Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletDo you have a celebrity crush?
I don’t really but watching Beyoncé perform live gives me a crush.

What cheers you up on an off day?
Knowing that tomorrow will be a fresh start.

What is your fashion style outside of work?
It evenly splits between elegant with ease and athletic chic.

Do you have any bad habits that you’re working on breaking?
Buying things just because it’s a bargain!Giorgio Galli, Corps de BalletFavorite Ballet?
Diamonds by George Balanchine. The Tchaikovsky score gives me goosebumps and watching it makes me want to dance every single step in the ballet from curtain up to curtain down!

Dream role?

Words of advice for young dancers?
You have got to love it.

Do you have a favourite quotation?
“Action is the foundational key to all success.” Pablo Picasso
Giorgio Galli, Corps de Ballet
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