Francesco Gabriele Frola

Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistBorn: Aosta, Italy
Trained: Professione Danza Parma in Italy, The School of The Hamburg Ballet in Germany, and Fomento Artistico Cordobés in Mexico.

Which movie could you watch on repeat?
Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni.Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistWhat would you have done as a career if ballet hadn’t come your way?

I would have probably tried to become a soccer player.

Where in the world would you like to see yourself living some day?

I would like to see myself in Italy again.

How do you handle criticism?
I don’t take criticism too personally. Ballet is art and like any art there is always going to be someone who likes it and someone who doesn’t. Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistWhat was the last thing you changed your mind about?
Feminism. I realized we should all be feminists.

Are there any costumes that you’ve either danced in or seen that strike you as amazing or memorable?
I really like the costume of the Prince in The Sleeping Beauty. It was really magical to wear it knowing that so many famous dancers have worn it before.

What is your favorite memory of being onstage?

My favourite memory onstage is dancing in Giselle after a long time off. Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistFavorite Ballet?
Don Quixote and Nijinsky.

Dream role?
I had the opportunity to dance one of my dream roles (Nijinsky), but I would love to dance as Basilio in Don Quixote one day. Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistWords of advice for young dancers?
I would say to be yourself always, to not worry about other people’s judgement. We only live once and it would be a waste to live life hiding.

You were born in Italy. What are your favourite dishes and customs from home?
I really miss having a nice espresso at the bar with a Nutella croissant. Where I’m from, Parma, we are also really famous for cold meat and of course, Parmesan. Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistWhen are you most proud of yourself?

When I can help other people.

Tell us about an awe-inspiring thing you’ve seen or experienced.
I remember being in Playa del Carmen in Mexico having dinner at a restaurant. The table beside me was full of guys, probably not much older than me. During the dinner some Mexican kids approached them trying to sell them stuff and after five minutes these kids were sitting at the table with them eating and sharing food. It was really inspiring to see “young adults” being so generous. And, I remember that when the kids left one of the guys told them to be good at school tomorrow and don’t fight with your brother.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

I don’t know if it makes sense in English but in Italian we say that “hope is always the last to die”. 
Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistWhat are the top items on your bucket list?
My brother once went to Africa and helped build a school, so I would like to go with him again. And to travel more.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

I remember one day, I think it was during my first show of Nijinsky, a coworker said “and now just enjoy it”. Francesco Gabriele Frola, First SoloistRead Gabriele’s bio,
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  • Jeff said:

    Beautiful performance Dec 29 matinee. The entire production deserves accolades. Marie and Misha really enjoyed dancing with you. The audience really enjoyed your performance. Its a different audience. They didn't participate in a standing ovations with a few of us in the audience. Nijinsky was awesome. The Nutcracker story always delivers its message. Thanks to the entire production team and Tchaikovsky's magical mystical score.

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