Alexandra MacDonald"The best part would be those moments, whether they be onstage, in class or in rehearsal, when something clicks and you discover a new element about yourself as a dancer."

Alexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistBorn: Calgary, Alberta
Trained: International School of Ballet in Calgary, Alberta and Boston Ballet School’s Trainee Program in Massachusetts

Could you tell us 3 random things we don’t know about you?
I love plants. I have very little restraint when buying them and now they are slowly taking over my home.
I make a mean homemade pizza.
I’m obsessed with listening to podcasts.

Which movie could you watch on repeat?
Amélie. I could also listen to the soundtrack of the movie (composed by Yann Tiersen) all day long.

What would you have done as a career if ballet hadn’t come your way?
I would have gone into physiotherapy.Alexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistHave you ever had an embarrassing moment performance-wise?
When I was an Apprentice, the company performed The Nutcracker as a live simulcast, broadcast to 80 different theatres across Canada. A theatre full of family and friends were ready to watch me in my hometown of Calgary. During the snow scene, I somehow managed to slip and fall directly on to my butt. The perfect way to make my national debut with the company.

When you have a day off, what’s your favourite way to spend it?
A great day off would include making and eating a big breakfast, taking a trip to Evergreen Brickworks for the farmers market or a walk in the Don Valley Ravine and ending the day with a few card games with friends.

Milk chocolate or dark?
Neither. Chips, please.Alexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistWhat’s your definition of a successful ballet dancer?
Ballet, being the beautifully intricate art form that it is, can always be perfected. To me, a successful ballerina is one who never stops exploring and creating. If one finds fulfillment in striving for more each day in class and in rehearsal, then I would deem that a success.

What’s the worst thing about being a dancer and what’s the best?
The worst thing would be all the aches and pains that pop up unexpectedly. Bruised toenails, sore muscles, jammed ankles, etc. The best part would be those moments, whether they be onstage, in class or in rehearsal, when something clicks and you discover a new element about yourself as a dancer. It could be a different way of moving, the awareness of an unused muscle or the feeling of an untouched emotion. I love having those ‘aha’ moments that open up new possibilities within my body.Alexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistWhat cheers you up on an off day?
I can always count on my fiancé’s sense of humour or a phone call home to my family to cheer me up.

Are there any costumes that you’ve either danced in or seen that strike you as amazing or memorable?
Romola’s red dress from Njinsky. I think it’s breathtaking.

Dream role?
Tatiana from Onegin or Summer from The Four Seasons.Alexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistAlexandra MacDonald, Second SoloistRead Alexandra’s bio,
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